Nominees for the best eHealth / fitness service

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Note that you can nominate also services that were launched before 2015. However, the jury will give emphasis to the novelty of the application.

In addition to liking nominees on Facebook, you can tell us why should your favourite nominee win.

Wibe Academy

Wibe Academy is a new service, that connects experts and trainees together. The service provides experts of any kind the needed web tools to create, sell and deliver video courses for targeted mobile users globally.


Noona is a mobile service that guides breast cancer patients through recovery


Yoogaia is the first ever app to provide you with live instruction with a trained professional wherever you are.

Sano Kyllä elinluovutukselle

Sano KYLLÄ elinluovutukselle mobiilissa. Sairaus, jonka ainoa hoitomuoto on elinsiirto, voi koskettaa yhtä hyvin sinua kuin lähimmäistäsikin.


Samsung Galaxy Hinta - Vertaa ja ostaa uutta älypuhelinta etukäteen teknologia ja muotoilu.


MunTreenari brings professional wellness and health coaching to everyone. The user can select a suitable challenge, wich offers a daily basis tasks , self-monitoring tools , as well as chat-opprtunities to the professionals and co-partisipants.


Functional services for self-monitoring in the food industry, pharmacovigilance and sample monitoring and energy measurements. Real-time services are open, flexible and easily scalable. You’ll get all the information clear, easy and understandable form.


9Solutions provides unique customer benefits by combining real time awareness, personal safety solutions and workflow optimization intelligence integrated in a single solid system.


Find & do your next workout. TechCrunch named it the "Uber for Fitness". It's the easiest, trusted way of doing the widest variety of fitness, offering hundreds of free activities and purchases at great value. Live in USA & Finland with 300+ locations.

Tiia Nuotio

Ajankohtaiset,ajantasaiset taloustapahtumat.

polar flow

Follow your training and activity with the Polar Flow App and instantly see your achievements.

Sports Tracker

Turn your iPhone into a professional sports computer with Sports Tracker!


Find and do fitness in your city!

Tuhatjalka Mobiili -palvelu

Tuhatjalka Mobiili -palvelussa näkyvät lemmikkien perustietojen lisäksi muun muassa käynnit Tuhatjalka-klinikoilla, tarkastukset ja hoidot, rokotukset, laboratoriotulokset, lääkitykset, laskut jne.


ePassilla maksat kaikki työnantajasi tarjoamat henkilöstöedut nykyaikaisesti puhelimellasi. ePassi-tuoteperheeseen kuuluvat LounasPassi, SporttiPassi, KulttuuriPassi,TyömatkaPassi ja HyvinvointiPassi


CosmEthics helps people understand the ingredients of their (toxic) cosmetic products by scanning the barcode of cosmetic products

Breath Watch

Breath Watch lets you complete short, effective and fun 3-10 minute breathing practices anywhere, anytime.


Fjuul keeps track of how much exercise you do each day and tells you what it takes to reach your healthy dose of activity. Now also on Apple Watch.