We power social magazines, apps and websites for brands Easily combine editorial, curated and social content optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop.

Automatically optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop

Flockler makes sure that your site looks beautiful on any device now and in the future. You can concentrate on publishing high quality content and engaging your customers.
Easily combine editorial and social content

Create new editorial content and easily integrate your existing content (tweets, videos, images and more) to be published automatically, curate and publish social content from the web in real-time and let your audience contribute via existing social channels or directly on your site.
Integrate to your existing website or application

Build your new social magazine, application or website with Flockler or seamlessly integrate it to your existing website. Flockler's team will guide you through the process and there's no technical skills required.
Build thought leadership and improve search engine rankings

Having a mix of editorial and curated content demonstrates thought leadership and expertise in your industry and inspires your clients. Content combining keyword-rich editorial and curated social content massively improves your search engine ranking increasing site traffic and sales.

Improve nominee information