Nordea tunnuslukusovellus

No more traditional bank codes for logging in and doing actions in a net bank. Pin is all you need to confirm your wire transfer or phone bill, no need to check that current one time code over and over again.

When you have the Nordea Codes app downloaded on your mobile device you can log into Netbank and Mobile Bank and identify youself in Nordea Customer Service. You can also pay securely your online shopping and identify youself in other service providers' services.

The new code app allows you to give up the paper code card and striking out codes, and what is more important, you will never run out of codes. The code app is easy-to-use and convenient, as it is always with you on your mobile device. The code app also guarantees secure banking in the future.

The benefits of the code app:

Access codes always in your mobile device
No separate code card or crossing out of codes
You never run out of codes
Easy to use and secure

Improve nominee information